Hellish [adjective]

Definition of Hellish:

fiendish; unpleasant

Synonyms of Hellish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hellish:


Sentence/Example of Hellish:

This, they said, was no human being like themselves; such hellish practices could have but one origin.

So this was the accursed one who had done the hellish deed, and it was human folly that had caused this demoniacal explosion.

This allusion to the hellish gambling which went on in the dead man's house, was his only funeral oration.

They are the night force come on deck for a breath of air between working their shifts in the hellish heat below.

They saw the oncoming hordes of brutes in a hellish-looking garb, and they sent back the answer: "Retire be damned!"

And in an instant a' was dark: And scarcely had he Maggie rallied, When out the hellish legion sallied.

The pomegranate assumed the form of a colossal sphere, the fissures became hellish grins whence escaped names and glowing cinders.

The deep guttural laugh of the savage sounded, at such a moment, to Duncan, like the hellish taunt of a demon.

He did fling her off, spat at us all, and showed the blackest hellish plot I ever in my life heard of.

A great horror then seized us, and unable to remove our gaze from the hellish thing, we sat glued to our chairs staring at it.