Damnable [adjective]

Definition of Damnable:

atrocious, horrible

Synonyms of Damnable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Damnable:

Sentence/Example of Damnable:

There won't be a day, inside or out of it, that I won't run up against every damnable meanness that human nature is capable of.

They told the Deputy that they were in a wretched and damnable state; and this was true, for they were very vicious young men.

Then would come the other damnable series again, and the sweat would stand on my brow.

I do not know what damnable difference in me that absence of the pair of them for a single evening made.

And Berg sat there, smiling, pouring out those damnable cynicisms.

When Bruce saw this damnable thing he understood, and he shook with horror and voiceless rage.

He was lazy, and there was the damnable, unrelenting hand of the British Raj looming in the distance.

The Major spoke, and I clearly heard him say my behaviour was damnable.

After all, was not Mrs Baggett's teaching a damnable philosophy?

She rose and gathered together her paraphernalia, and he saw that she was wearing the damnable white apron.