Atrocious [adjective]

Definition of Atrocious:

outrageous; widely condemned

Synonyms of Atrocious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atrocious:

Sentence/Example of Atrocious:

It was fortunate for the Chancellor that the calumnies of which he was the object were too atrocious to be mischievous.

While visiting one of these, a low class trader arrived who had been guilty of atrocious conduct at Motito.

The Prince of Taranto, while speaking and acting like a cannibal, was following the inspiration of an atrocious policy.

Agnes was often a visitor at Bungay, and not a little shocked at the atrocious after-dinner talk of the Bungay Radicals.

But the atrocious comedy of conjugal love, of unwearying happiness, when for so long I had loved you and thought of you alone!

The weather on this day was atrocious, and our last pretence of accurate surveying broke down.

Herbert died shortly after this atrocious act of tyranny, and Debois also came to an untimely end.

He intended to employ all the time and the utmost ability he possessed in defeating the atrocious plot of the miscreants.

This course had many inconveniencies, and led to atrocious crimes.

At dinners and receptions I was asked the most atrocious questions by men and women.