Desperate [adjective]

Definition of Desperate:

reckless, outrageous

Synonyms of Desperate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desperate:

Sentence/Example of Desperate:

“It’s a desperate ploy by somebody who understands that he’s in a fight for his life,” Harrison said of Graham’s recent political play.

According to Gerard Bush, who co-wrote and co-directed the movie with his husband Christopher Renz, he dreamed that a desperate woman was trying to reach out across the dimensions for help.

Six months later, we're back to the old normal — even though many remain desperate for assistance.

By contrast, Quasimodo is literally confined physically to the “closet” of the church, but his longing for freedom is soaring and desperate and inspiring.

While Kumar and his team were thinking about how to keep the business afloat, they were spurred into action because of the desperate calls they were getting from their guide partners, some even requesting small loans to make ends meet.

The government is now desperate to avoid needing to reimpose such strict measures as those that were lifted in May, following the initial lockdown period.

Miyashiro would like to replicate the program for families – who he said are desperate to see it continue – but he can’t.

With millions of websites crowding the internet, there are plenty in desperate need of quality content.

While it’s critical for our national security, the program is in desperate need of reform.

When the Cleveland Clinic put out a desperate call for hand sanitizer, Lix offered to help.