Furious [adjective]

Definition of Furious:

extremely angry, very mad

Opposite/Antonyms of Furious:

Sentence/Example of Furious:

In the spot, comedian Will Farrell sets out for Norway, furious that the Scandinavian nation is thrashing the US in the electric vehicle race.

There, I lied to a health inspector to send him away, knowing that if we failed the inspection, my boss would be furious and I’d be out of a job.

I was so furious that I had wasted money, not to mention the clothes were made from such uncomfortable and unbreathable fabrics.

According to Silveti’s book, the Soviet guards poured out of the auditorium bar at four o’clock, and were furious to discover that the Luna had not departed on time.

This time, the impeachment proceedings were fast and furious after a devastating breach of democracy.

He further incited the furious crowds by hailing the takeover as a “second revolution” as important as the first.

They, too, should be furious about what happened that day, what is happening still.

A three-pointer from Beekman began the Cavaliers’ furious comeback.

I was furious not to be included on that team, which chose an older male scientist over me.

A team that might have been tired, short on strategic preparation and even a bit flat is now furious at itself — or claims to be.