Elated [adjective]

Definition of Elated:

very happy

Opposite/Antonyms of Elated:

Sentence/Example of Elated:

The pair have returned to the house they’ve been living in following the premiere of that movie, and Malcolm is elated enough to put on James Brown’s “Down and Out in New York City” and start dancing.

However, Halfpenny and the other elated adults “were up there howling our heads off,” he says.

The Lieutenant rode off highly elated over the fact that Colonel Guitar agreed with his views.

Was it to be wondered at that I felt proud and elated if also a little scared as to how I should get on.

The capture of Independence greatly elated the guerrillas, and recruits came pouring in by the hundreds.

Quite elated, the author asked his friend what part of the contents pleased him so much.

He was so elated after his first disappointment, that he did not find the meeting as wearisome as usual—he could see Henrietta.

The friends of the Government were greatly elated by the proceedings of this day.

Strachan departed highly elated, and repaired to a carpenter shop, where he ordered ten rough coffins made.

But the dominant party, elated by the victory which they had gained over their adversaries, were encouraged to fresh extortions.