Overjoyed [adjective]

Definition of Overjoyed:

extremely happy

Synonyms of Overjoyed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overjoyed:

Sentence/Example of Overjoyed:

We were overjoyed; and I need not add I was very thankful for this good fortune.

I should be overjoyed if I dared depend on it, but after all that I have seen how can one be secure.

Legard, overjoyed, and scarcely trusting his senses, gave the promise.

And I know I am so; and I know she is overjoyed when she can bring it to my mind.'

She was so overjoyed that she not only made it public throughout France but despatches were sent off to all her royal relatives.

He was overjoyed when it was opened by a man whom he judged to be the chauffeur himself.

He was overjoyed to see her back from Swanage, and slow to admit the growth of a new trouble.

She was overjoyed; there were no comparisons with hippopotami in HER mind.

The fisherman was so overjoyed that he longed to detain the fairy.

So I went along to his mess; we were overjoyed to meet one another.