Thrilled [adjective]

Definition of Thrilled:


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Sentence/Example of Thrilled:

She thrilled to the touch of his lips on her flesh; but she drew her arm away.

It had been so long since such a touch had thrilled him, so long since any caress had been given him.

It was a badge of courage, whatever it was—a badge which thrilled and horrified me.

But with most of the party, to be thrilled for a minute was enough.

He resumed his labours, thrilled with the sensation of accomplishment.

Thrilled with new fear, she hid the bird she was carrying, then followed the trail of the man.

It looked upon her, that face; it invited, it encouraged, while it thrilled and subdued.

The despairing passion of her last kisses had thrilled him through and through.

For we had crashed by so that the crazy cart must have thrilled in every stick of it.

It thrilled him with a great dread of discovery; but the man went on.