Bored [adjective]

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This coming from a member of the elite Exum Mountain Guides, a grizzled alpinist who has spent decades in the Greater Ranges—the astonishingly epic landscapes that you’d assume would render relatively dinky Western deciduous forests boring.

I decided that retirement was boring and have joined the Developer Division at Microsoft.

It was boring, and the Gators have never won big while being boring.

Commonwealth said in a press release that they hope to demonstrate a 20 Tesla large-bore magnet in 2021.

Otherwise, they simply settle into conflict-free bores where everybody is nice to each other.

I recently completed some continuing education classes that I initially thought were going to be boring but as I was taking the online classes, I found that they were more interesting than I initially thought they would be.

Rather than boring me, the sameness freed me from the constant worry over what was going to happen next.

As one of the most fascinating athletes on earth, one who repeatedly surprises us with outrageous feats of speed and endurance like his solo Everest double, he could never bore us with what might seem like the trivial minutiae of his life.

Producers injected steam down well bores at pressures high enough to crack brittle underground formations so oil could ooze upward.

“My most memorable experience has been taking a walk along a river,” he says, before telling me about the excess of bore wells in the region and how they’re draining the water table.