Inattentive [adjective]

Definition of Inattentive:

negligent, not paying attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Inattentive:

Sentence/Example of Inattentive:

He’s also a philandering husband and inattentive father to his two adult daughters.

There came but one thing to grieve the tempers of our members—the service was slip-shod, inattentive, vile.

Who else would be as charmingly unconscious and inattentive as this American vagabond!

The Chamber sat still out of respect, but as a fact the members were inattentive.

Again, those thus affected are quite as likely to be the dull or inattentive as the studious.

England, though apparently apathetic and inactive, was not inattentive to the situation.

Must be delivered to-night or never; so worked it off, speaking for an hour in almost empty and sadly inattentive House.

Mrs. Deering, bent above a pile of dis-collared shirts, shook an inattentive head.

Managers will be obstinate; actors are bent on display—the audience is inattentive and unruly.

They are not inattentive to religion, though their opportunities of religious instruction are few, compared with old countries.