Faraway [adjective]

Definition of Faraway:

remote, distant

Synonyms of Faraway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Faraway:



Sentence/Example of Faraway:

That finding could guide treatments for future astronauts en route to such faraway places as Mars.

As my unused passport gathers ever more dust, food’s power to summon faraway places to my Vermont kitchen has only grown.

Access to knowledge can be shifted away from the faraway monitors in our pocket, to its relevant real-world location.

That could mean a whole new income stream for these travel industry gig workers, who will likely see their in-person customer base return — but now have the resources to cater to faraway clients as well.

Traveling to faraway lands can boost creativity and, when you’re back at work, heighten your productivity.

The ratio of these faraway galaxies’ speeds to their distances gives the cosmic expansion rate.

They had only hatched a few hours earlier, “and we just exposed them to these faraway locations.”

While the coronavirus has stolen our ability to travel, we only need to migrate to our backyards, balconies or windows to notice beautiful animals with fascinating lives — some of whom can still connect us with faraway places.

Like a downed electrical line in some faraway corner of the power grid, that breakdown effectively turned the lights out for a swath of investors across the nation.

An outbreak in a faraway country doesn’t mean safety in your country.