Far [adjective]

Definition of Far:

at a great distance

Synonyms of Far:

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Sentence/Example of Far:

The GOP’s proposals thus far, she has argued for months, would do little to stem the hardship faced by Americans struggling amid the pandemic.

People could and did leave home, though with far fewer options for where they might go.

Joe Biden’s YouTube channel has far fewer videos — and viewers.

As far as what we’re doing with the new virus, I think that we’re doing a great job.

The ruling is considered an outlier, however, as most courts have so far upheld the power of governors or mayors to impose restrictions to contend with an urgent public health emergency.

Only if we knew all of what went into it, because so far nothing he’s told us has been true.

So far this year, BI has already run 15 events this year, up from three in 2019, with more scheduled for later in the year.

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Murphy has raised less than $60,000 for his race, less than Witzke, but far more than his challenger, Matthew Morris.

Corporate responsibly in a time of consternationSo far agencies have found it tricky communicating all the work they’re doing around diversity and inclusivity as they’re doing it.