Bit [noun]

Definition of Bit:

tiny piece

Synonyms of Bit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bit:

Sentence/Example of Bit:

This one is perhaps a bit too complex to capture in a sentence or two, so see our previous coverage of NDB here.

As a result, the waves travel a bit faster when the water is warmer.

She is juggling a lot and is plowing through, but wants to take care of herself naturally and sometimes a bit indulgently.

Elsewhere, the software feels a bit zippier than on the Series 5, thanks to Apple’s improved S6 processor chip.

At the time of the 1790 census, Virginia had a bit less than 13 times the population of Delaware.

Exactly how sea-level rise will affect coastal wetlands has been a bit of a mystery.

We can hold somebody for a bit until a fully licensed civilian police officer can come in and arrest that person.

Like almost every aspect of our lives during the pandemic, voting may look a bit different than usual.

Sure, they cost a bit less, but most minivan build-outs only seat two and leave users cooking outside no matter the weather.

Craft a fishing lureShort bits of paracord may seem like trash, but they can become surprisingly nice fishing lures with just a little bit of work and a sharp hook.