Fraction [noun]

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As a result, Phobos appears large enough to blot out a large fraction of the sun as seen from the surface of Mars.

She and her colleagues used a model that compared fantasy players’ win fractions during the first half of a series of competitions against their win fractions over the second half.

China’s gross savings rate, as a fraction of its gross domestic product, dropped from a peak of 52 percent in 2008 to 46 percent in 2018, while India’s fell from 37 percent in 2007 to 30 percent in 2018.

There’s a precise way in which a matching Set triple can be thought of as an arithmetic progression, and just as with lists of whole numbers, you can ask what fraction of the cards you must lay down to be sure of finding at least one triple.

Since 77 is an odd number, we cannot reduce this fraction to have a lower power of 2 in the denominator, so 5 or 6 generations will not work.

It’s a fraction of the planned total of 4,425, but a pretty solid start.

Without being told, a fraction of users are diverted to a slightly different version of a given web page and their behavior compared against the mass of users on the standard site.

A very small fraction of cells, however, become senescent cells and evade this fate to linger indefinitely.

For a brief fraction of a second, the radio waves put out by the source were as bright as those from the sun.

Others soaked up a lot at first, but later released only a fraction of it.