Half [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Half:

In four previous lessons over the past decade-plus, I’d managed umpteen wipeouts and a brief half-second of nearly standing upright.

A lot of it is half-truths or really bad interpretations of information.

Google rewrites meta descriptions over half the time according to research by Michal Pecánek from Ahrefs.

Maryland’s defense, which has been a strength recently, let Ohio State push ahead as the first half progressed.

Much of the pond’s narrow southern half is within the park, banked by Mansell and Beech Mountains.

Gently press the two halves together at the center of the curved edge.

Even slices of banana or half-moons of fresh apple will not turn this into a beautiful dish.

I thought the second half we just controlled the tempo and we just chipped away at the lead.

She had brain cancer, and Amazon gave her three-and-a-half months’ leave to undergo surgery and subsequent treatments.

Negative headlines have ranged from the potential for human sewage to contaminate water sports in Tokyo Bay to how prone artificial islands—-which house half the Games venues—are to “liquefaction” in the earthquakes that regularly blight the region.