Divided [adjective]

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The end result is a more divided electorate, fueled by fear about how they are going to survive in an American future that gives the have’s more and the have-not’s less, with less prospect of moving from one group to the other.

The important thing is that it is a serious-looking book and a strong visual, at a time when what this wounded and divided nation needs, more than ever, is strong visuals.

On most issues, Democrats and Republicans remain deeply divided.

I’ll be 58 soon and I’ve never seen the country like it is right now, so divided.

Their bill found its way through Congress at a divided moment, when Ronald Reagan had just won election but Jimmy Carter was still in office.

Partisan opinion on her confirmation is really divided — according to Gallup, only 15 percent of Democrats wanted the Senate to vote to confirm her, for instance.

I expect we will see a divided world in terms of vaccine use.

Our country frequently seems more divided than ever on how to approach everything from climate change to the economy.

Taken together, these two trends will make for a more divided and uncertain world.

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