Fractional [adjective]

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One of their earliest products was a milkshake machine called the Cyclone Drink Mixer, and many of their kitchen tools were based on the company’s own inventions, including a high-speed fractional motor.

Robinhood is known for fractional shares, but it temporarily blocked people buying fractional shares of Gamestop.

The proposal reportedly includes $2,000 stimulus checks, which would buy you a decent fractional share of Bitcoin.

Tenev, meanwhile, notes that buying fractional shares of pricey stocks like Google and Amazon is particularly appealing to this generation.

So to create their algorithm, Oveis Gharan, Saberi and Singh defined a random process that picks a tree connecting all the cities, so that the probability that a given edge is in the tree equals that edge’s fraction in the best fractional route.

The difference is due to the less minute calculation of fractional quantities in the latter case.

There was not a lie in this honest girl—not a fractional part of a lie—from her toes to her head.

By the process of fractional distillation mineral oils of all grades can be obtained.

In the fractional second before the others could understand and react Dalgetty was moving.

The yard-land was only a fractional holding, incomplete for purposes of ploughing without co-operation.