Entire [adjective]

Definition of Entire:

complete, whole

Synonyms of Entire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entire:

Sentence/Example of Entire:

This isn’t a minor thing either—it’s possible you’ve been doing situps wrong your entire life or that you don’t know how hip and knee alignment can affect your leg thrusters.

It’s the entire value proposition of wearing a mask in the first place.

An entire documentary could, and perhaps should, be done on the Denver Nuggets, who played the part of “dead man walking” in each of their playoff series before doing the unthinkable and coming back from a 3-1 deficit twice.

We’ll treat the entire group as a single company I’ll label “StarTech,” and see how its price, profits, dividends and buybacks have changed over the past five years, and what those changes mean for handicapping StarTech’s future.

While the entire hospitality industry is suffering, bars have been hit particularly hard.

We spent I don’t know how many thousands of hours, our entire team, on it.

Almost a century ago, advertisements were so important to TV that we named an entire genre after them.

Hargrove and Jones also report they have obtained the entire report.

The entire office felt like it was filled with people who were madly in love with their work.

Besides this fundamental or primary vibration, the movement divides itself into segments, or sections, of the entire length.