Integrated [adjective]

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Audi built an integrated cooling structure underneath the battery packs, which reinforces the cells in an aluminum housing to protect passengers in case of a crash.

This integrated and intelligent approach will cut down significantly on time spent generating reports while also making an agency’s performance much more agile, effective, and accurate.

Look for a built-in integrated network interface if you plan on routing a bunch of work computers to your new mega-printer.

In the case of ERPs, solutions tend to be very complex modular products and, as Small Businesses don’t have independent departments, they need an integrated and very intuitive solution.

Providing a package of integrated tools and features, SEO insights are an opportunity to take digital strategy from the page to the personal by leveraging data to deliver personalized experiences to customers in real-time.

It informed them that Toren Allen, the executive director of integrated technology at the district, would give them a 10- to 15-minute, one-on-one training.

Even farming businesses that never established an online presence set up integrated payment systems and chat services to better serve customers.

The Nationals are one of the first Major League Baseball teams to announce an integrated deal with a sports-betting operator.

With so many brick-and-mortar stores closing, Facebook launched Shops in May, enabling businesses to establish an integrated online storefront for customers across both Facebook and Instagram.

So there are some challenges we are still trying to overcome to have an integrated and interoperable system with improved capability to be upgraded and used nationwide.