Plenary [adjective]

Definition of Plenary:

entire, whole

Synonyms of Plenary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plenary:

Sentence/Example of Plenary:

This Committee were entrusted with plenary powers, and there was no appeal from their decision.

For him the blow was about to fall—not for his safety, but for his plenary authority.

To plenary explanation she ought not—she never shall be driven.

As to the species of the act, and the plenary effect, it is not.

One would suppose that she had plenary indulgences for her conduct.

And yet there were times when "pressing from protections" had its plenary significance too.

Mother Eddy's lack of memory, however, has had its plenary compensation.

So far as these points go we are armed with plenary authority.

There every citizen is king; for he has plenary power, he reigns and governs.

A plenary indulgence at the hour of death, under the same conditions.