Inclusive [adjective]

Definition of Inclusive:

all-encompassing, all-embracing

Synonyms of Inclusive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inclusive:

Sentence/Example of Inclusive:

With this new project, she hopes that delving into topics that might seem taboo will help make both of those worlds more inclusive.

Rutter and Foley see their campaign as part of a larger effort to make birding more inclusive.

The neither-nor quality of this period is somehow inclusive.

Specifically, Virtue asked for input on a DE&I vocabulary guide, an inclusive creative best practices document and a DE&I red flag language guide that it had adapted from Vice-owned publication Refinery29.

Two LGBTQ-inclusive films, The Life Ahead and Two Of Us, were nominated for Best Picture.

Perhaps to take away the sting of that move for large organizations, today it announced a new all-inclusive enterprise pricing tier.

Task Force Policy Director Liz Seaton in a workshop highlighted the work the organization aims to do in 2021 that includes a focus on police reform, inclusive sex education, promoting economic justice and expanding nondiscrimination protections.

Many business leaders talk about creating a better, more inclusive world.

For years now, many companies on the Fortune 500 have tried to cast themselves as champions of diversity that foster inclusive workplaces and groom employees from underrepresented groups for future success.

Another survey reported that across 27 countries, a majority wants to see their economies reimagined to be more inclusive.