Thorough [adjective]

Definition of Thorough:


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Sentence/Example of Thorough:

This time the Romans decided to be thorough in their work of destruction.

A thorough examination should be regularly made, and I will promote it.

Neither is politeness at all inconsistent with thorough familiarity.

The Metanoia, the re-directing of my thought, was a thorough and basic change.

This man had been in the service a long time, and was a thorough man-of-war's man.

But everything is raw, for the Iroquois are thorough savages.

He is as thorough a worker in the cause of religion, morality and benevolence as in trade.

It proved to be a diary kept likewise in thorough German fashion.

I know him very well, and I know that he's a thorough man of business.

From this it may be deduced that missionary work has not been as thorough as might be hoped.