Intensive [adjective]

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Eventually, the idea is to make the surgery about as intensive as a Lasik eye procedure.

When it’s a shoe-intensive outing, I use more of the clamshell space and fewer cubes.

That includes testing capability, the case rate per 100,000 residents, the percentage of positive tests, hospitalizations, and the amount of intensive care units and ventilators available.

According to Randolph Kirchain, PhD ’99, principal research scientist in the Materials Research Laboratory, driving on a softer road is energy-intensive in the same way as walking on sand.

Joan LaRovere, MBA ’16, is a pediatric cardiac intensive care physician and a cofounder of the Virtue Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on health care and education.

These intensive farms with plenty of fertilizer, water and other resources often showed signs of reaching a pollinator limit, meaning fields didn’t have enough honeybees to get the maximum yield, and volunteer wild bees were adding to the total.

Oxford’s candidate needs to complete its most time-intensive trials, the third phase, which will run concurrently with second phase trials.

That kind of power could speed up the discovery of lifesaving drugs or help slash energy requirements for intensive industrial processes such as fertilizer production.

The young woman was in the intensive care unit for about six weeks.

It would study whether it could keep them from needing intensive care, Shoham says.