Accelerated [adjective]

Definition of Accelerated:

sped up

Synonyms of Accelerated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accelerated:


Sentence/Example of Accelerated:

This gain in those parts of the river's curvings where deposition tends to take place may be accelerated by tree-planting.

An internal feverish sensation; pulse not accelerated; want of appetite.

Have you forgotten that your motion is continuously accelerated, and that without perceptible exertion you move rapidly?

Owing to the accelerated speed at which both vessels were now going, the Indiamen had been left behind.

About the time this was done, and the cedar camp working at an accelerated pace, Archie Lawanne came back to the Toba.

He broke off abruptly, and the Green Imp accelerated her pace as they came to the long, straight road home.

Arcot accelerated away from it as Fuller hit it with a molecular beam.

Mr. Duffy, firing beans at us from the rear, accelerated our pace to a frightful degree.

But it is the harlequinade accelerated, intensified, toned up for the exacting taste of the great and growing "picture" public.

A series of events accelerated the progress of the Davis' toward the ultimate truth.