Hard [adjective]

Definition of Hard:


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Sentence/Example of Hard:

It was hard to process and realize it was real and it happened.

Just because something is hard to find, doesn’t mean it’s valuable, Keller says.

There will be hard days and recurring struggles, and you should give yourself space for them, she said.

An older cousin had once volunteered with Teen Line, and to Raderman that seemed like a good way to put her hard-won knowledge to use.

This makes it hard to know if you should buy a helmet with rotational-energy tech.

So it wasn’t hard to see where this was heading, because I was seeing it every day at the school.

They “start with the hardest problems first, and that intimidates them.”

They will have a hard time keeping together their 2017 draft class, which was their best in a decade, and they could lose safety Marcus Williams, linebacker Alex Anzalone and defensive end Trey Hendrickson.

Somehow, Reid found a way to live with the losses and kept making the hard calls.

It’s hard to see a situation clearly when you’re still in the middle of it.