Dense [adjective]

Definition of Dense:

compressed, thick

Synonyms of Dense:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dense:

Sentence/Example of Dense:

All seven worlds are almost identical to each other but slightly less dense than Earth, the team reports in the February Planetary Science Journal.

The third planet is nearly the wispiest of the whole system, less dense than Jupiter.

The holes mean the mattress is less dense, though, and might not last as long.

In the rush to convince people that electric vehicles are a practical alternative to gas-guzzlers, most of the focus has been on boosting their range by creating ever more energy-dense batteries.

If you want to eat healthfully, a better approach is to prioritize nutrient-dense foods—fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, healthy oils, and lean proteins—without vowing to only eat these foods.

Some arose from collisions of dense stellar corpses called neutron stars.

It “saw,” on the other side of Big Creek, a dense stand of heavy timber.

When these rare collisions happen, shockingly dense and bright patches of stars crop up—you can see those bright spots in this collection of images, almost as if they’re glimmering badges of honor born from violent mergers.

It was moved to the desert because federal regulators were concerned that the drone wasn’t safe enough to fly over a dense metro by itself.

Frozen produce can be more nutrient-dense than those same items sold fresh in the grocery store.