Packed [adjective]

Definition of Packed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Packed:

Sentence/Example of Packed:

Sometimes he packed clumsily, and she was obliged to do his work over.

This was good news; so after dinner we packed up and went over to the water.

How carefully I packed my pipe, gazing serenely over the roofs of Paris.

They could feel the flock huddling back, and the warmth of the packed fleeces.

At night these animals have to be packed closely in an entrenched camp.

In the morning I packed her suitcase and handed it to the porter of her train.

This very snow-storm, which has spoiled my skating, was packed up there.

Then one after the other the two tenders puffed away, packed from stem to stern.

They were packed with people who were there to see Creon win.

It should be packed closely into the tub, and pressed down hard.