Swarming [verb]

Definition of Swarming:

move forward as a group

Synonyms of Swarming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swarming:

Sentence/Example of Swarming:

That's what we are—swarming across the surface of the globe.

I seem to be aware of a large, swarming vision, amid which I have lived.

There is no place safe from the swarming, restless race of which I am a member.

The sea is before them, swarming with fish, which they will not catch.

They were swarming all over us, and how unmercifully they did guy us!

They were swarming with men, there were no signs of any panic.

A breach had been made through which the Huns were swarming.

Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and such things were swarming in every street.

If he'd heard about the swarming, he'd have been dressed to make magic for it.

The building is as nearly fire-proof as any building can be made, and is swarming with servants.