Mob [noun]

Definition of Mob:

large group of people

Synonyms of Mob:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mob:

Sentence/Example of Mob:

If they rode down in a mob the boy would no doubt surrender.

The mob of London were less compassionate than the sailors had been.

In like manner did the mob fashion lords and princes, each in its own image.

I've heard these highbrow chaps talking about the Mob and the Tasteful Few.

I don't want just to be one of a mob of fairly good writers.

"We will not give him up to a Spanish priest," shouted the mob.

Indeed, once when they passed a square, a priest in the mob cried out, "Kill them!"

We could look for no response but laughs of derision or the missiles of a mob.

He has not sufficient finesse and sensitiveness to sympathize with the mob.

Elijah Lovejoy, an Illinois abolition editor, was killed by a mob.