Gang [noun]

Definition of Gang:

group, mob of people

Synonyms of Gang:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gang:

Sentence/Example of Gang:

His research consisted of shadowing a Chicago gang for 10 years, and it yielded valuable insights on the inner workings of the drug trade.

Hur also oversaw the prosecutions of national security threats, gang-related crimes and complex fraud cases — particularly during the pandemic.

In New Orleans, analysts scraped information from social media as well as criminal and gang databases and field interviews by officers, then used the list to target individuals for the city’s gunfire-reduction program.

He lives by the code of Garden Heights, where behavior is dictated by a fraternity of violence and aggression, but isn’t blind to the hypocrisy of gang life.

Sermon had been shown heading to the locker room after the Buckeyes’ first drive of the game, during which he was gang-tackled by Alabama defenders after a short run.

She would intercept and solve the coded messages of mobsters and criminal gangs, delivering them to the Coast Guard.

The gang also discusses the Senate runoff results in Georgia, where Democrats are projected to win both seats.

He said he didn’t fault the president for calling the gang’s members “animals,” because “many MS-13 members commit animalistic behavior.”

The gang also checks in on the state of the Senate runoffs in Georgia the day before voting ends.

The gang MS-13 operates in Guatemala as well, but Kevin thought he could hide there, at least for a while.