Clique [noun]

Definition of Clique:

group of friends

Synonyms of Clique:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clique:

Sentence/Example of Clique:

If tech giant CEOs were a high school clique, Mukesh Ambani would be its newest member, and everyone’s invited to a party at his house.

The question of whether it’s possible to find a clique of size 128 is a similar kind of problem.

Prove that such a clique can’t exist, on the other hand, and you’ve proved the conjecture true.

As a general rule, to prove Keller’s conjecture in dimension n, you use dice with n dots and try to find a clique of size 2n.

Find that clique, and you’ve proved Keller’s conjecture false in dimension seven.

The fact that there’s no clique of four dice means Keller’s conjecture is true in dimension two.

Occasionally a clique seeks to get control of a corporation by the issue of new stock and taking it among themselves.

Such a clique of professional friends would sink a stronger man than Trevithick.

And at any rate it is another chance for this distracted archipelago of children, sat upon by a clique of fools.

They must be national; words that are the property of the mass of the people, not of a clique or a district.