Lobby [noun]

Definition of Lobby:

entrance hall

Synonyms of Lobby:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lobby:


Sentence/Example of Lobby:

Then before leaving the Atwood Building, Potts caught up with her boss in the lobby of the Atwood.

The main floor is split up between the lobby, the restaurant, and there’s even an intimate little nook for whatever the mood calls for.

When you want to get together for a planned or unplanned meeting, you can pull someone from the lobby and create another room.

If we don’tspeak, strike, protest, lobby, marchwrite, boycott, weigh inJackie RobinsonDay will be just anotherswing and a big miss.

A lot of people you never would have imagined are now saying that maybe the anti-vaccination lobby has a point.

Spencer Perceval, prime minister of Great Britain, shot in the lobby of the house of commons.

His answer was, that the direct method would be by forwarding a petition in the way proposed when at the lobby.

Behind him, a lobby lounger moved over to the elevator boy, jerking his chin in Wilson Lamb's direction as he asked a question.

Halfway across the lobby, a tall swarthy man with one of those deadpan faces rose to greet him.

Lamb went back into the main lobby and ensconced himself behind a morning paper.