Foyer [noun]

Definition of Foyer:

receiving area

Synonyms of Foyer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foyer:


Sentence/Example of Foyer:

The restaurants and bars looking out onto the sunny mountain were similarly capped at 25% capacity, and while masks and social distancing were required, patrons waiting for tables escaped the cold by standing shoulder to shoulder in the foyer.

The foyer resembled in these conditions a ball-room, cleared for the dance, before the guests or the music had arrived.

She led him upstairs and along the foyer past Ralphie's room and past the small guest room to their bedroom.

In another moment we had crossed the tiny foyer and were standing within the artist's sanctuary.

The sensitive man paused for a moment in the foyer, sweeping the big circular room with a hurried glance.

His cab jolted to a stop and Reggie threw a bill at the driver and leaped out and raced into the foyer of his building.

The detective stepped briskly out of the room and glided through the foyer hall to the front door.

She was helped into her coat, that seemed to have grown shrinkingly forlorn, and descended to the foyer with Fay.

Aussitt assis bord du Bellerophon, je fus sur le foyer du peuple Britannique.

As he went out into the foyer he saw an old acquaintance coming toward him.