Corridor [noun]

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Colorado-based Four Points Funding invests largely in projects in the state’s rural corridors, which are often left out of the national conversation about economic development and equity.

The grand historic buildings along its retail corridors fell into disrepair.

The industrial corridor that stretches alongside the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans is nicknamed “Cancer Alley” because of the perceived health risks associated with local chemical emissions.

The country’s fourth national park, Gishwati Mukura, is due to open to tourists this spring between Volcanoes and Nyungwe National Parks to create a thriving wildlife corridor.

The federal decision to suspend those so-called risk corridor payments — designed to help health plans recover some of their losses — was one of the factors that caused many of the co-ops to fail, Corlette said.

“Imperial County is largely invisible and forgotten as a region,” Angulo told legislators, highlighting the county’s role as a transit corridor, an international border crossing and agricultural hub.

They were walking down a corridor, and Miss Thangue was peering through her lorgnette at the cards on the doors.

When we got to the house we entered an obscure corridor and began to find our way up a dark and narrow staircase.

Her last words floated back from the depths of the corridor; a clock was striking and she had pattered off hastily.

They made their way to the corridor and strolled slowly up and down, passing and repassing others who were discussing the music.