Cabal [noun]

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Some go deep, believing that a cabal of Democrats and celebrities torture children to drink their blood.

They form the most privileged cabal in all of American media, as they preside over the country’s most toxic news organization without having to answer for its abuses.

They were going to replace the secretary, deputy secretary, myself and number of other people, and it was a cabal of crazies.

Another example, this one trending in left-wing circles, is a fake report about a mysterious cabal that’s blocking mailboxes to discourage voting.

It has recently become a major gathering place for QAnon conspiracy theorists, who believe an elite cabal of satanic child molesters are running the country.

Meanwhile the cabal against the ruined Ripperda raged with redoubled fury in the Spanish cabinet.

But here the artist stranded, the victim of a cabal, despite the protection of Camille Maupin.

Mr. Palfrey terms this attempt a "Presbyterian cabal," and calls its leaders "conspirators."

But as true Merit,236 is always the most envied, a Cabal was soon formed against his Integrity.

She had no political ability, no inclination for political affairs, but she was at once the tool and guiding genius of the Cabal.