Conspiracy [noun]

Definition of Conspiracy:

collusion in plan

Synonyms of Conspiracy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conspiracy:

Sentence/Example of Conspiracy:

All over the world the just claims of organized labor are intermingled with the underground conspiracy of social revolution.

He sympathized with that movement which, during his childhood, culminated in the Cavite Conspiracy (vide p. 106).

But when you are there, the awful secret of conspiracy will not be revealed in caverns, dungeons, and darkness.

Scarcely a year passed in which his name was not connected with some conspiracy to overthrow the First Consul.

The law still branded as conspiracy any united attempt of workingmen to raise wages or to shorten the hours of work.

"This organized conspiracy on your part," the capstan gurgled, taking his cue from the mast.

Looked at in its proper light, the Corn-law League is nothing but an abominable conspiracy against labour.

The conspiracy was detected and exposed but a few hours before its appointed execution.

To endeavour to establish a case of conspiracy against him, another individual was produced as his colleague.

When the conspiracy was discovered the agent in China came to Manila to answer the charge, and was at once arrested.