League [noun]

Definition of League:

association, federation

Synonyms of League:

Opposite/Antonyms of League:

Sentence/Example of League:

Maya Moore, one of the most decorated champions in the history of the WNBA, went as far as to leave the league last year to successfully help overturn a prisoner’s conviction.

He said this time is different because it’s the whole league, rather than one team, weighing the decision.

The Milwaukee Bucks, of all the teams in all the leagues, might seem like an odd place to find the spark for such a historic strike, but they’re not — particularly for a protest about racial justice.

She leads the league in assist percentage for the second year in a row, while shooting 50-40-90 going into Tuesday night’s games.

With each such situation, the league has been working out the kinks of its new system.

The league plays year-round sponsoring both indoor and sand volleyball leagues.

New sports landscape — same passionate fansWith content from every league flooding fans’ feeds, there’s a conversation for every moment.

The distance is the closest to home plate in all of the major leagues, according to Clem’s Baseball stadium database.

Leading up to the intense stretch of matches held around Christmas, only Liverpool was outperforming the Foxes on the league table.

This time around, if sports leagues have to go on TV timeout once again, the corresponding ad dollars may not.