Loyalty [noun]

Definition of Loyalty:

faithfulness, dependability

Opposite/Antonyms of Loyalty:

Sentence/Example of Loyalty:

Oshinsky said that open rates were the initial metric that BuzzFeed tracked when launching courses, but later that transitioned to measuring loyalty — the percentage of the audience that opened all of the emails throughout the series.

Voters tend to not like blind loyalty, and prefer representatives who are willing to compromise with the opposition party.

That includes data such as hashed email addresses or loyalty card information, which is privacy-protected, Clarken told Digiday.

Election officials today disqualified a dozen pro-democracy candidates from running in September’s legislative elections, effectively signalling that only those pledging blind loyalty to the state will be allowed to run for a seat.

He added that most people create their brand loyalties when they are 18-years-old.

The idea is that the company will be able to tap further into “the loyalty that that group has and monetize them more effectively and get more information out of them faster,” said Ryan.

With billions of active users, social media provides modern marketers with more exposure, improved traffic, and increased brand loyalty.

Steadfast partnerships can secure new audiences, enhance customer loyalty, and multiply customer lifetime value — benefits that withstand market upturns and downturns.

It was a great thing to see the future King and Queen of England, and our loyalty and enthusiasm knew no bounds.

Felipe's phrase was like one inspired; another duty, another work, another loyalty, waiting for Ramona.