Steadfastness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Steadfastness:

My fidelity and steadfastness had been guaranteed by her and no one else.

The look with which she met his glance had in it all the steadfastness of awakened womanhood.

His life is a beautiful example of devout Christian steadfastness.

His calmness, his steadfastness in what he believed to be right captured the imagination.

Behind her temporary, rational vagaries there was a quality of steadfastness.

Steadfastness and constancy such as this seldom loses a friend.

Bravely she answered, bracing soul and mind and body to steadfastness.

There is not enough of seriousness, dignity, steadfastness  and endurance.

What are the things that would shake our steadfastness, and sweep us away?

But this time they were led by one who had been trained in English steadfastness.