Disloyalty [noun]

Definition of Disloyalty:


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Sentence/Example of Disloyalty:

But while de Brus took nothing by his loyalty to Edward, he suffered for his disloyalty to Balliol.

It was as if she were trying, passionately, to make up for some brief disloyalty, some lapse of tenderness.

Her very resistance seemed disloyalty to him, as though another shared her with him and strove against him.

And it was against their disloyalty and intolerance that the five conditions of the King's pardon were chiefly directed.

Still in the midst of this growing disloyalty the King was always spoken of with affection and respect.

In reviewing the career of Mr. Calhoun it would seem that the great error and mistake of his life was his disloyalty to the Union.

Pitt saw that much at least of the misery and disloyalty of Ireland sprang from its poverty.

The changed attitude of other people was attributed by him to treachery, to disloyalty, to lack of fixed principle.

The whole strength of the conservative opposition was lost when opposition could be branded as disloyalty.

Her face flamed hotly; for, to the mountain idea, disloyalty to "kith and kin" is the most unpardonable of offenses.