Treachery [noun]

Definition of Treachery:

disloyalty, dishonesty

Opposite/Antonyms of Treachery:

Sentence/Example of Treachery:

How could Robert have learned anything of his treachery to his father?

I should like to meet him face to face, and charge him with his treachery.

He came a little toward the girl who had accused him of treachery.

It was not long before they had to pay a heavy penalty for their treachery and inconstancy.

It after wards appears that the scheme of Rumi-naui was one of treachery.

In anger Alan had disclosed Mortimer's treachery—as he called it—and crime to their mother.

Bulan, suspecting no treachery, was all anxiety to be off at once.

Innocent themselves, they apprehend not guilt and treachery in those around them.

Did not all the world know of the treachery and death of Duke Michael?

For a moment that seemed like treachery, like an abandoning of Hermione.