Gyp [verb]

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Away they went, with Gyp at their heels, and every footstep resounded through the old house until they reached the upper floor.

An English, an American Gyp would typographically offend, and that would be the end of her.

It was kept by his old college gyp, a man of discreet silence, who was admirably partnered by an excellent cook.

Had he acted discourteously to his bedmaker or his gyp, he would have minded just as much, which was not polite of him.

Her age was seventeen, and she dressed after Carmen to please herself, and read Gyp with the same intention.

The speed of the horse began to slacken as she was 208 almost upon him, and he saw that it was Gyp and Nancy!

Gyp had been herself a love-child, and the knowledge of this is shown very clearly in its influence upon their mutual attitude.

As he stood looking about him the click of the lawn mower caused him to turn just as Gyp came around the corner of the house.

Gyp proved that he needed no watching, for he commenced work early each day, and never stopped until night.

That clever, that spirituelle grande dame, who has adopted the pseudonym of ‘Gyp,’ has in her own country no rival.