Rook [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rook:

One day he happened to mention his trouble and disappointment to the Rook.

That they are,” replied the Rook, “and they ought to be taught better.

The following day the Blackbird had a long talk with the Rook.

I carried the lady into her rook, and they ran for a surgeon and a midwife.

If one rook of a colony gets into trouble, all the rest are worried about him directly.

He had a gun on his shoulder, and carried by the claws the body of a rook with white wings.

Swallows often buffet a crow; but this was a clear case of a rook attacking.

We'll rook him at poker and bridge and shooting, and a few other things.

Then came a rook, in black, like a minister, with spectacles and white cravat.

Every rook within a mile flew from its eyrie and cawed strenuously.