Deceive [verb]

Definition of Deceive:

mislead; be dishonest

Synonyms of Deceive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deceive:

Sentence/Example of Deceive:

Well, when it comes to jobs reports in this pandemic, looks can be deceiving.

Apple is also accused of deceiving consumers about the headphones’ durability and sweat-resistance.

Well, as far as we can tell, the earliest meaning of bamboozle was "to deceive by trickery, hoodwink," which is why some believe that it arose among the criminals of the underworld.

The most serious allegation in the report suggests district administrators deceived a credit rating agency before issuing millions of dollars of bonds in 2018.

The most damning section of the audit suggests that district administrators knowingly deceived a credit rating agency just before they issued millions of dollars in bonds.

So that was one example where it was very clear that Xi was deceiving the United States.

However this be, it is hard to say that these fibs have that clear intention to deceive which constitutes a complete lie.

There, if his eyes did not deceive him, were evidences of mortar dislodged by nefarious toes.

It was not possible to deceive himself an instant longer, for the naked truth lay staring into his eyes.

O my people, they that call thee blessed, the same deceive thee, and destroy the way of thy steps.