Kid [noun]

Definition of Kid:

young person

Synonyms of Kid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kid:


Sentence/Example of Kid:

"I'll look in the bar," I volunteered, remembering the kid had left with more of a roll than Meadows had now.

Zoomed over the German lines in the war, stoking an airplane, although at that time he was only a kid.

And dragged Joe into it, a good kid who had made only one really bad mistake in his life—the mistake of asking her to marry him.

Again it was empty except for the operator, a tow-headed kid with a Racing Form tucked in a side pocket.

Your gloves must be of kid, white, or some very light tint to suit your dress.

Wouldn't hurt the kid a bit—he'd be bigger then, and the outdoors would make him grow like a pig.

It seems that the jailer's kid, a boy about sixteen years old, had been in the habit of bringing Jim's meals.

Then he made the boy unlock the cell door and Jim slipped out, gagged the kid, and walked out of the jail.

I liked the kid and I let him know it, tried to put him wise to some of the things I've learned in ten years on the force.

His face became a trifle white and his lips thinned, making him seem somebody suddenly alien to the kid I had for a partner.