Daughter [noun]

Definition of Daughter:

female child

Synonyms of Daughter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daughter:


Sentence/Example of Daughter:

Clark confirmed Ingalls’ daughter was the only returning cheerleader cut this season, but said freshmen trying out for the first time were also cut.

Planned for nearly 20 years—a pact between my mother and her college roommate to each name their first daughter Kate.

One parent of two teenagers involved in the effort, Robert Jason Noonan, said his 16- and 17-year-old daughters were being paid by Turning Point to push “conservative points of view and values” on social media.

So what Tyler did was get out ahead of being shunted to secretaries and daughters by confused investors, the way Jenn Hyman had.

By the time Pure went public in 1995, my wife and I had been married for four years and we had one young daughter.

So, it’s taking a back seat to my daughter’s idea of how she’s raising her child and supporting that.

She would not say whether she spoke to Potts or her daughter to verify the claim.

The three daughters are in three different locations, the two youngest grandsons are staying with their father 200 miles away.

Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, who gave birth to a daughter just a month ago, requested permission to vote by proxy, but was denied.

"The Smoker," and "Mother and Daughter," a triptych, are two of her principal pictures.