Girl [noun]

Definition of Girl:

young female person

Synonyms of Girl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Girl:


Sentence/Example of Girl:

Another cheer parent, April Grant, told VOSD she also found the reasoning they cut Ingalls’ daughter suspect, because several other girls caught vaping in recent years made the team.

If you find a girl who is interested in calculus, you don’t squash that.

She’s the girl next door that millennials grew up with, from her debut on Saved by the Bell and as a cheerleader on Bring It On.

Data from the CRISPR’d baby girls, for example, showed that the experiment littered their genomes with off-target edits at the embryo stage.

The good news is that the Malala Fund and its partners are working to mitigate some of the current challenges to girls’ learning.

I can remember when I was a little girl, being three and four years old, her having me dance for her around the Christmas tree.

Downing, the blogger, recently wrote a story defending the embattled Alaska attorney general that repeated the inaccurate claim that Mallott had “put the move on a young girl” rather than an adult woman.

All these years fighting side by side, and they never knew that Mulan was a girl.

For the past seven years, the young activist who’s now preparing for her law entrance exam has made it her mission to ensure there’s no child marriage in her area by going door to door and urging girls to finish their education.

Because your girl, Ann Coulter, for example, has told me and told others that whereas once upon a time, she supported the president quite strongly.