Swindle [noun]

Definition of Swindle:

cheating, stealing

Synonyms of Swindle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Swindle:

Sentence/Example of Swindle:

Sell he swindle, rum, fire-water, We will sell him Fear in plenty.

Of course, if there is anything approaching a swindle in it, I shall have nothing to do with it.

A cardinal and a queen implicated in a forgery and a swindle!

Ay, grow pale if you like; but I 'll repeat the word,—a swindle!

I'd like to know about this swindle that's going to be sprung on him.

Devar was in the swindle and kept Miste advised of your movements.

The man has had a finger in every Anglo-French swindle of the last ten years.

"Yes—that's how he came to swindle me and several others," answered our hero.

One who'll beat me and swindle me and spend my money on other women—that's the sort of man for me.

"I am not suggesting that you are in the swindle," said Minute gruffly.