Extortion [noun]

Definition of Extortion:

blackmail; cheating

Synonyms of Extortion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extortion:


Sentence/Example of Extortion:

China has no reason to give the green light to such a deal, which is dirty and unfair and based on bullying and extortion.

In a ransomware attack, the bandits typically demand an extortion payment, usually denominated in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Hackers often target businesses, shutting down technology and stealing data before demanding up to millions of dollars in extortion money.

In Tripoli they helped protect the city after Haftar launched his offensive on the capital in April 2019, but for years they have been accused of behaving like criminal gangs, engaging in extortion and plundering state funds.

NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer stepped down from the entertainment company after revealing that he made a secret settlement with a woman with whom he had an affair and received extortion threats.

Blood-shed, oppression, extortion, and all the instinctive habits of the shrewd savage were again rife.

She declared that nobody could help her and that, anyway, there would never be a repetition of the extortion.

The extortion of that confirmation of his calumnies had been a main object of the whole disgraceful farce.

It seemed that his idea of economy might be expressed in these words: He abhorred extortion and visible waste.

Undue claims on the part of the tax collectors were aggravated by the extortion of the public officials.