Shake [verb]

Definition of Shake:

quiver, tremble

Synonyms of Shake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shake:

Sentence/Example of Shake:

Grace caught Emma by the shoulders and proceeded to shake her.

Hey, Scottie, shake up the fire and put on some coffee, will you?

She clung to appearances with a tenacity that nothing could shake.

"Remember, sir, you are an honest man; you cannot shake hands with me," said George.

"It is well," said he, and with a shake of the bridle rode on down the woodland path.

He made an effort to shake off the feeling, and spoke with a sneer.

Come, my daughter, shake hands with this gentleman, and pledge him your troth.

He stopped a moment, tapping the frame with his fingers to shake off the dust.

The circumstances of war contain every element that can shake the nerves.

They pressed forward to shake the hands of this strange couple.